A Gout Patient’s Guide to Infusion

Infusion of uric-acid-lowering medication is one of several gout treatment options your health care provider may prescribe.


What Is Gout?

A new video from the Alliance for Gout Awareness explains how gout affects patients and how they can find relief.


Six Ways to Take Control of Your Gout

Once you have gout, there’s no getting rid of it. But there’s good news: you can take control of your gout.


Gout: Beyond the Myths

Patients who experience gout attacks – who suffer in agonizing pain – often resist going to the doctor.  But they shouldn’t.



National Survey of Patients’ Attitudes Toward Gout

A national poll of 169 gout patients suggests that shame, confusion, and lack of awareness may keep people with gout from receiving the treatment they need.



Facing Uncontrolled Gout

The Alliance for Gout Awareness’ infographic breaks down the impact of uncontrolled gout.



Dealing with Uncontrolled Gout

The Alliance for Gout Awareness offers several tips for living with uncontrolled gout.


Gout Hurts All of Us

Think gout didn’t affect you? Think again.



Pain Awareness Month Graphics

September is Pain Awareness Month. These patient quotes explain how painful gout can be.



Gout Awareness Day Podcast

Gout is more painful, prevalent and expensive than you thought. Researcher Kenneth Thorpe, PhD, of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease uses Gout Awareness Day to set the record straight. 



Gout Awareness Day

Learn about the impact of gout in AGA’s infographic.

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Fast Facts - Alliance for Gout Awareness

This Q&A document aims to inform and empower patients with basic information about gout.



How Gout Affects the Heart

AGA Physician Advisor, Christopher Parker, discusses how gout can impact the heart on KXAN. 


AKF_Goutful_Graphic 2 (1).png

Goutful Campaign - American Kidney Fund

Learn about gout and your kidneys through the American Kidney Fund’s Goutful Campaign.



Raising the Voice of Patients

This resource serves as a patient guide for living with an managing gout. 



Understanding Gout and Your Kidneys

This brochure from American Association of Kidney Patients talks about gout and how it impacts your kidneys. 




Let's Speak Gout Infographic

This infographic includes gout facts and stats to help patients understand the disease. 



The Gout Diet: Myth vs. Fact

This fact sheet breaks down gout diet myths.



Talking With Your Doctor About Gout

Twelve questions you can ask your doctor about gout.


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7 Myths About Gout - AARP

Get the facts on gout symptoms, causes and treatments.